Introduction Stragos

Introduction to Stragos:

The Stragos Sports Relief Art has three sports branches 

One of the special activities of this sport is practice in the nature of the forest, mountains, sea and desert in various climatic conditions for the purpose of sport
and healthy recreation.

These activities include crossing natural and artificial obstacles by building camping, hiking, climbing, trekking, deserting, and cycling outdoors, navigating and crossing natural and artificial obstacles created by the Stroegos Technical Committee, over a specified period of time And earning the maximum individual and group privileges.

Competition ground in this field, according to the age and technical condition of the participants, is a set of items that are arranged in a station to make the athlete in the professional category using the necessary equipment (rope, special shoes, flashlights, rations, etc.) Will be able to overcome obstacles and gain the highest points and the least error and cross the finish line as a championship